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Monday, February 23, 2009

Recover and revive your motivation level

Sometimes we feel our spirit and motivation decrease and we feel less vibrant when there are a lot of obstruction in our life to achieve goals setting.I want to share a tecniques that how can we recover and revive our level of lower motivation. This way is very easily and how quickly you can booster your great feeling and charge up your motivation.

It is walking fast.

First you need to do is stretching. After that you can focus your minds in the game mode. Imagine as you walk worthy as though you have a limited period to achieve your dream. Walk as fast as you can and imagine to your destination as if you're pursuing your dream.

Give your insistence in your minds "I must achieve my goal and target. My time is limited". This will make you more reasonable and appropriate. This will indirectly you for programming yourself so that you can act immediately with only what you are doing to achieve your target.

Imagine, when you walk seems reasonable time of your life is so short .Many things that need to be made.

Walk as fast as you can. The action you have to do this may affect your life for adjustable thought and action to do something physical in the case more quickly.

Once you do this activity, you will find, your actions will be more reasonable than the first. This activity also can give benefit to your health such as remove the toxic ,perspiration in the body 15 times as much as double, strengthen your stamina, to supply more oxygen in the brain, aging delay process, strengthen the body resistance to the serotonin, smooth drainage of blood and make you more healthy.Insyaallah.

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duplication- the way you can upgrade your personality

You see the sign so amazed to speaker that interested you. In your heart, you want to become like them. You also said I should not do quite good like them. He's very lucky because he has good charisma and authority fatigue lectures and speech so shocking. Can I be likely. Meanwhile, I am so ashamed and scare to speech. The truth is You also can be like them

In fact the person who you admire also have 1000 billion neuron which you also have a source neuron more or less. The speaker that who you admire have a pattern of neuron connections are activated repeatedly to make them like that. They were not born to be a great communicator but they use the resources available to establish this behavior.

How could you to be like them? First, you need to know the techniques utter the expression, and then you just need to do duplication.

Replication is done on the physiology of the emotions to make you sparkle like them. Imitate their brilliant style physiology.

What you need to do is look for role models or people you want to imitate.Observe their movement, their faces mimic. How they move. See their postures. How is the movement of the hands and fingers, how lonely swing-neck, the way they stand, ringing voice, the second movement of feet, how they breathe. Note carefully directly or through the spectacle television or video. Once you remember exactly ,close your eyes and imagine the model is slowly and enter yourself in the body model.

Now you can control the body with exercise and mental models are made yourself. Practise repeatedly in the Minda you as though you are in utter or by using the model as a mediator. You will feel a great emotional with the new of you. You can also take some models to imitate in your personality character

Take the opportunity to be trying reality. If you often do, you will find that you will increase your confidence because once you make on yourself so you can be sure and make a great offering any personality you want to be like them. This is the influence of perceptions and beliefs have a new personality can change the new of you.

This is the excess people can do on the duplication of personality you want. Just try it.. you will be amazed with the feeling that sudden changes in yourself.

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