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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Dream of Wealth - Your Program to Get It

For you to achieve success, if you haven't found it, look within! Your subconscious is absorbing all that you hear, see, and think. Until you take control of the thoughts you send to the subconscious, it will be impossible to change. There is one simple step to take control. Develop your Faith. The way to do that is through persistent, consistent daily self-talk. Find your strengths and work on those weak areas with your positive self-talk. You can use any affirmations as long as they eliminate your weaknesses.

Start with 1-3 areas depending upon how persistent and consistent you are. For example, you have to get all the information before making a decision. One affirmation for you might be: I'll make a decision as soon as I have enough information to see the big picture. Repeat this each time you start going off on a tangent. So, faith is needed, faith in yourself. How do you develop this faith?

"FAITH is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of autosuggestion." Napoleon Hill. Let's expand on that statement starting with "state of mind". There are 2 areas of concern. One is the negative state of mind. The second one is a positive outlook. The biggest producer of failure is the negative mind set.

If you think you'll lose, you've already lost. The first step is eliminate the negative thoughts that bombard you daily from TV, radio, or any other source. This might mean avoiding friends unless you can influence them with a positive take on any situation. I am doing this program. This is one of the hardest areas I've found to change. Persistent is the watch word. Keep at it. You will change.

"FAITH...may be induced...by affirmations...to the subconscious mind..." is the crux of the matter. Each time you fall into negativity, repeat your affirmations. Better yet, repeat them constantly throughout the day, from the time you get up until you go to bed. I started out with 15 affirmations. I have a lot to change. Besides taking a long time to go through them, this was overwhelming. I still use them but only the ones directed to the activity I'm about to do. I used the "Think Power of the Daily Dozen" from Joe Girard's book, "How To Sell Yourself".

I, also, changed some of them from "I Am Successful", to, "I Choose to be Successful", when my gut feeling or subconscious replied, "Who are you trying to fool, you fool, not me!" Even so, you have to constantly repeat them. Go through the ones pertaining to the activity before you start. When you project positive thoughts, soon others will catch the good vibes coming from you. You'll be influencing others which will better their lives. You'll achieve your Dreams by persistent and consistent auto suggestions of affirmations.

I couldn't change as much nor as quick without joining a group of people who have already done it. You can find this Mental Cleanse group through Success In 10 Steps. There are some other goodies on personality traits in there, too.

96 3/4 % of the people won't do what is necessary for change. The other people do whatever is necessary to succeed. They are the people who are true to THEIR vision, THEIR dream.
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Read it! Do it NOW before you forget. You will not regret it.

Written by Jerry L. Collins, A Mentor with a Servant's Heart.

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There are many people that would love to be able to become someone that other people look at as an achiever in life and are unsure of what they can do or to even get started at becoming someone who fits this description. And many people also believe that if they are not this way by a certain age, then it will never happen. But, it can. And if you learn how and dedicate yourself, then it will!

What is an achiever, anyway?

Well, it is someone that not only has goals and dreams in their lives, they also pursue them and are committed to them enough that they do not give up until they are fulfilled. So, one quality that you must possess is the commitment to never give up going after what it is that you want.


It would be nearly impossible to achieve all of the things that you wanted without educating yourself on the best way to possibly do this. And from there, to take action based on that information, so that you practically guarantee the results that you want. I mean, if you really want something badly enough, then it can happen for you.

Dedicate yourself to becoming the kind of person who stays committed to whatever goals or dreams that you have and allow yourself to have the faith that it can and will happen. Then you must get the information that will help you to achieve and accomplish what you really would like to. Is it really that simple?

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Bryan Appleton is an investor/entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to teaching others how to achieve their dream life. He is also a proud single father with one son.

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